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Typically, embryos are transferred at the cleavage stage day 3 after oocyte retrieval or at the blastocyst stage day 5.

Egg freezing - Mayo Clinic

In the lab, a grading system is used to asses the quality of the embryos. When analyzing these embryos, we not only look at the number of cells but also how symmetrical they are and whether there is any fragmentation. Fragmentation occurs when the cells divide unevenly, resulting in cell-like structures which crowd the embryo. No fragmentation is preferable but some is acceptable. In our lab, we classify embryos into grades 1 through 4. Grade 4 represents the best quality embryos.

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Day 5 embryos are called blastocyst embryos. At this stage, the embryos have increased in size and are even more developed.

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They resemble a ball of cells with fluid inside. One of the things we look for at this stage is how expanded these embryos are. These embryos are also classified by a number scale, 1 through 6. Grade 6 represents the best quality blastocyst. Embryos are transferred on day 3 when they are at the cleavage stage 6 - 8 cells or on day 5 when they have reached the blastocyst stage. Embryo transfer is a simple procedure that does not require any anesthesia. Embryos are loaded in a soft catheter and are placed in the uterine cavity through the cervix.

An embryo must hatch out of its outer membrane zona pellucida before implanting in the uterine wall endometrium. Sometimes, the zona is abnormally thick. This will aid the embryo in breaking out of this membrane and facilitates implantation. It is a technique that is performed before embryo transfer and when doing trophectoderm biopsies.

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  4. Assisted hatching is specifically recommended for patients who are over 37 years of age, have diminished ovarian reserve as determined by a day 3 FSH level, or have lower antral follicle counts. Patients who are poor responders to gonadotropin stimulation, or have had previous failed implantation may also benefit from this procedure.

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    Studies have shown that assisted hatching improves IVF success rates in both fresh embryo transfers and frozen embryo transfers. Embryo cryopreservation freezing may be available to patients that have an excess number of normally fertilized embryos or high quality blastocysts that remain following embryo transfer.

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    Embryos may be frozen at the zygote stage one day after egg retrieval, or on day 5 or 6 at the blastocyst stage. Under certain circumstances, we can also freeze embryos at the cleavage stage. Embryos frozen at any stage can be stored for several years under subzero temperatures using liquid nitrogen. These embryos can be thawed and transferred to patients in a frozen embryo transfer cycle.

    Some patients' semen samples contain no spermatozoa due to a congenital obstruction of the sperm ducts, vasectomy, failed vasectomy reversal, or primary testicular failure. This sperm can be frozen and used for fertilization by ICSI. Normal human cells contain 46 chromosomes located in the nucleus of the cell. Chromosomes carry the genetic information in the form of DNA.

    Every human being receives 23 chromosomes from each parent. If an error occurs leading to the egg or sperm having a missing or extra chromosome, the embryo created will also have a missing or extra chromosome. This condition is called aneuploidy. Yazz Ahmed guests and we feature "The Music of" tribute to French musical legends. Explore music. Judd Dockery. Joe Pallock.

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