Monsters of Wisconsin: Mysterious Creatures in the Badger State

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So get a full plate of cookies, pour yourself a cold glass of milk, and settle in to listen as we talk about Lake Monsters and the strange places they call home, why Giant Turtles would be terrifying to encounter out in the open as well as in a zo For episode 8 of the podcast, we turned to our stately neighbor to the west, Minnesota.

Within its cold borders we digitally hiked to the middle of nowhere where we met up with researcher and investigator, Nash Hoover. With out two Midwestern accents going strong, we talked about anything and everything. From its humble beginnings as a Fearsome Critter, all the way to its town saving magic brought on by Eugene Shepard. Sorry Beast of Bray Road, we still love you. Anyone can have a conversation within minutes of thinking about it, so that is why it was easy for author and Fortean researcher, Denver Michaels and I to link up via Skype and chat about whatever came to mind!

We found ourselves deep in conversation about various lake monsters from around North America.

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We wen For this episode we are taking a short break from the cryptids and instead focusing on our second biggest passion, Wisconsin folklore. These tales are humorous, spooky, cautionary, and downright ghostly. So why not si While our knowledge of what occurs in Britain is limited, Andy was able to bring us up to speed on all the weird cryptid creatures that call that wonderful island hom Most badgers are omnivores, which means they eat both plants and meat.

Some other foods badgers enjoy include slugs, small mammals, snails, bird eggs and fruit.

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The honey badger is a carnivore and will eat snakes, jackals, foxes, and even crocodiles, according to BioWeb , a website produced at the University of Wisconsin. It also eats smaller animals, such as insects and larvae. Though badgers mate any time they feel like it, they only have one litter per year due to delayed implantation.

Badgers give birth in mid- to late winter between birth to between January and March. One to five babies are born at one time in the underground chambers.

Monsters of Wisconsin by Linda S. Godfrey - Read Online

Baby badgers, like baby bears, are called cubs. Cubs remain in the birthing chamber until they are about eight weeks old, according to the Nottinghamshire Wildlife Trust. The hog badger is listed as near threatened because of a population decline of less than 30 percent over three generations. It is severely threatened in some areas, such as Laos, Vietnam, China and Myanmar.

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Honey badgers are known for their ferocity. You can choose from a multitude of writing games, gizmos, generators, writing prompts and exercises, tips, experiments and manifestos from infamous avant garde writers and how-to articles on fiction writing and poetry.

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Kingsley Amis, in full Sir Kingsley Amis, born April 16, , London, England—died October 22, , London , novelist, poet, critic, and teacher who created in his first novel, Lucky Jim, a comic figure that became a household word in Great Britain in the s. Donald Hall was considered one of the major American poets of his generation. See our feature based on this book, with selections of the prose and poetry and the book's table of contents, here.

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They have no wings.