Where Love Grows (Fields of Home)

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Each book of the trilogy is capable of standing alone, and yet the three together are a wonderful story of people you wish you knew. Highly recommended! The issue of the bann, or excommunication, has always been a difficult one within the Amish community and nearly impossible for those of us outside the church to understand. Eicher remains unique among writers of Amish books in his insider's view of this fascinating culture, but that's not the only reason to enjoy his books. He weaves a story that never fails to please! Eicher's series, I have come to love the characters.

This book brought the series to a wonderful conclusion and I was happy to see everything resolved. Jerry continues to give us great insight into the Amish lifestyle and way of life. Since he comes from that background, it is accurate and his books are filled with details and facts. Another five star book! Show More Show Less. Any Condition Any Condition. See all Compare similar products.

Borages tartlets, or roaming the fields and getting them back home

You Are Viewing. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Most relevant reviews. Every one likes this book Bought this as a gift for my wife, she has friends who share books and it seems they all like this author, so everyone is asking for this book. Her by Pierre Jeanty , Paperback 7. The Institute by Stephen King Hardcover, 3. Will he be able to face the church discipline and possibly more? Readers will want to read the first two books in the series, Missing Your Smile, and Following Your Heart as these books are not stand alone.

Fans of Mr. The ending is very sweet — and satisfactory. Good read. Sep 21, Rhonda Gayle rated it it was amazing. I love Jerry Eicher's books and have read all but his two newest ones.

I recall when I read my first book by him that I was impressed that he has a different way of writing about the Amish. I was also highly impressed that a man could write such wonderful romantic tales! This book is no let down! I really like Susan's spunky attitude and her zest for life. She has been hurt by two v I love Jerry Eicher's books and have read all but his two newest ones. She has been hurt by two very significant men in her life and has every reason not to trust again.

Yet she goes on and returns to her Amish home with her Englisch friend, Teresa. This is certainly a book about forgiveness and confession. This book gives an in-depth look at the practice of the bann among the Amish and Amish weddings. There was a great deal of sadness as well as joy in the book. I hurt for the characters as they went through the bann. I highly recommend this book to readers.

Swing Out Sister Where Our Love Grows

Jerry has once again written a book that makes you stop and think and count your blessings. Sep 21, Sherri Meinke rated it it was amazing. The character development was great. In the end Susan after feeling she will never be married ends up with Steven Mast who works on her dad's farm. For Steven it is his first chance at courting. I like the way the book turned out in the end.

There were many valuable lessons learned here. When Teresa mother Maurice comes to town you see the way the family blends together for Teresa's wedding. Susan seems to be the one character that is the most unsure of herself but in the end she comes out so strong. Jul 10, IrenesBookReviews rated it really liked it. I would recommend reading the others in the series before reading this one.

You will get a full understanding of the characters and setting that way and not feel like you are coming into the middle of a story. I did not especially enjoy the main character in the story, Susan. I do not like characters that are very dependent on others and feelings to respond to their circumstances. I thought she could have been written with more depth.


"When Love Grows Cold" - First Baptist Church

I liked that the families where forced to face issues that had been hidden in the past. I would recommend this book for anyone who is a fan of the author or who enjoys Amish fictional stories. I would like to thank the publisher for the copy of this book I enjoyed reading. I gave an honest review based on my opinion of what I read. Oct 29, Debbie rated it it was amazing. It gets 5 stars from me. This is the 3rd book in the Fields of Home Series. This book starts and ends with a wedding.

This story is full of God's goodness and grace and forgiveness. This whole series shows love will come from people and places you least expect. My favorite quote in this book is "mamms mom ,it is an Amish book need hugs just like everyone else". May 11, Carolyn E rated it really liked it. I enjoyed this book, as well as the entire "Fields of Home" series. Eicher 's new series, "The Beiler Sisters.

Sep 22, Renee rated it really liked it. We meet Susan after she's back home from her flight into the Englisha world and learn of her struggles. In addition, we get a new perspective with an Englisha girl becoming Amish something I had never thought of and her mom visiting her new world. I even enjoyed the story of Susan's father and struggles from his past coming back to haunt him. Jan 06, Teresa rated it it was amazing.

I read all The Fields of Home series and loved them all. I was so happy that Teresa found love and happiness for her and her son.


Susan finds love again with Steve! God always has a plan for you and reading this series taught me to always trust God for everything. I laughed and cried along with the characters. I can't wait to read Jerry Eicher's next book!


Nov 13, Susan rated it it was amazing. Perfect ending to to this series. Throughout the series, Susan is one of the main characters.

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This book has a new beginning for her. Jerry Eicher does a great job with making these books authentic. The scenes he creates are so descriptive and vivid. Blessings, Susan Fryman. Jul 12, Margaret Fraleigh rated it it was amazing Shelves: christian-books. I finsihed this third book this morning. What an amazing trilogy. Many life lessons can be learned. I have thoroughly enjoyed Jerry S. Eicher's stories. Jun 12, Lorie rated it it was amazing Shelves: amish-fiction. Jun 05, Sue Klasing rated it really liked it Shelves: amish , bill-read-this , jerry-s-eicher , romance.

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  8. Great story. Dec 25, Laura rated it really liked it. This is the first time I have read an Amish Romance book and it was quiet good. A nice change from my usual type of read. The story comes to an end and I enjoyed every page. I am off to look up some more of Jerry S. Eicher's writings.