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This information sheds important historical light on the Holocaust and other war crimes, as well as the U. It further enhances public confidence in government transparency. Javascript must be enabled for the correct page display Library. Printer-friendly version. Document Number: ecdd50b1fe. Document Number: ecdd50b Document Number: ecdd50b1f2.

Document Number: ecdd50b1f7. Document Number: ecdd50b1fa. Document Number: ecdd50b1f1. Document Number: ecdd50b20d. This describes the circular slide rule commonly know as an "is-was" used to calculate an approach and attack by an submarine. This describes the hand operated torpedo angle solver commonly called a "banjo". It is used to calculate the gyro angle when the Torpedo Data Computer is not available.

The manuals for the gun are in the ordnance section below. The Submarine Commander's Handbook , "U. Submarine Medicine Practice , This was prepared for the training and orientation of medical personnel to the problems associated with diving and submarine life. It provides an insight into the life aboard submarines.

This includes many stories, typical medical supplies, as well as history. Gruner is a summary of the U. Standard Submarine Phraseology , describes a set of uniform voice procedures and phraseology for use throughout the U.

WW II submarine fleet. Submarine Information and Instruction Manual , was used for training on board S-class built submarines. Demolition Outfit Mark for Submarines , O. Submarine Periscope Type 2 , Be sure to also check the Fleetsub Periscope training manual. Submarine Periscope Type 4 , Describes the type 2E attack periscope used during the Cold War. Many of these have been donated to museums for display periscopes.

Periscope Motion-Picture Camera 16mm. Describes early submarine periscopes. Target Bearing Transmitter, Mark 8 , O. Target Bearing Transmitter, Mark 9 , O. Telescopes Mark 90 Mods. Describes the waterproof binoculars used on the TBTs and five inch 25 cal guns. Submarine Sanctuaries Bombing And Attack Restrictions , shows how submarines and allied aircraft were supposed to be deconflicted.

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Unfortunately we also know that there were numerous friendly fire incidents during WW II. Also see Drawing showing use of the Submarine Rescue Chamber. Destroyer Steam Propulsion Manual , This describes the operation of one of the most common manual gun mounts of WW II. Describes the destroyer, deck mounted torpedo tube of WW II. Submarine Recognition Manual , ca. Principles of Guided Missiles and Nuclear Weapons , This was created to introduce ROTC officers to these weapons and their effects.

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Navy WW II equipment. Explosive Ordnance , Ordnance Pamphlet , , describes and illustrates United States Navy projectiles, Army and Navy rockets, pyrotechnics, grenades, land mines, bombs, and guided missiles. Navy Projectiles and Fuzes , , is a catalog of U. British Bombs and Fuzes , , is a catalog of British, bombs, fuzes, rockets, demolition charges, etc.

Mine Identification Manual , O. Operational Characteristics of U. Mine Disposal Handbook , , was created by the U.

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It covers all forms of underwater ordnance, not just mines. Surface Pyrotechnics and Projectors , Ordnance Pamphlet , , describes modified fireworks used by surface ships, submarines and merchant ships. These are used for used for signaling, marking, or illuminating objects. Navy catalog of missile launchers, rocket launchers, depth charge projectors, and related equipment. Index of Ordnance Publications, OP 0. This is the place to find out what manuals you are missing.

Navy , Some of these classic British instruments were kept in use over 50 years. The Gunnery Pocket Book, B. Examples included are taken from the six-inch cruiser of the Mauritius class, a Dido class cruiser, and a typical destroyer.

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Twin mm Antiaircraft Assemblies , OP , , is a Navy service manual for the twin mount version of the classic WW II anti-aircraft gun on the tripod style mount. The maintenance manual for the dual Bofors 40mm gun. This was the most widely used anti-aircraft gun of WW II. Navy fire control systems. These components are the building blocks of some of the most successful analog mechanical computers ever built.

Basic Fire Control Mechanisms Maintenance , OP a, , has maintenance procedures for the mechanical computing elements used in U. Standard Fire Control Symbols , OP , , and established a set of standard fire control symbols to be used in various U. Computer Mark 1 and Mods. Maintenance Volume 1 , Ordnance Pamphlet A, , is the first half of the maintenance manual for the Mark 1 computer.

Stable Element Mark 6 Ordnance Pamphlet , , describes the stable element that determines the pitch and roll of the ship and supplies this to the fire control computer. Rangefinders Marks 58; 58, Mod. I; 65; and 65, Mod.

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Index Of Assemblies For U. Dummy Log , I. Instruction Book No.

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Optical Instruments Data Sheets , O. Methods of Drying and Charging Optical Instruments , OD , , describes how to dry and charge with nitrogen or helium optical instruments. Boresights and Boresight Telescopes , O. This provides insight into how PT Boats where used. This provides the builders specifications for PT Numerous details about PT Boats appear in the manual that provide insight to both the technology and the life aboard PT Boats. Torpedo Angle Solvers Mark 7 and Mods.

Describes the circular slide rule used to calculate torpedo gyro angle. Tactical Data For Torpedoes Mark Maintenance Instructions For Mark 18 and Mods. Torpedoes , O.